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  • George Witherington

    Detective George Witherington, is the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder Witherington and Brooks Investigative Services LLC.  After retiring in March of 2013, Witherington decided to begin a Private Investigation Business.  Witherington contacted Mark Brooks and formed Witherington and Brooks Investigative Services, and began proceedings to start an LLC.

    Prior to retirement and opening a Private Detective business, George Witherington was a certified Police Officer with the Montgomery County Department of Police, in Montgomery County Maryland.  Witherington retired from the Police Department a full Detective, and was assigned to the following units within the Special Investigations Division, Drug Enforcement Section; The Tactical Narcotics Unit, The Narcotics Interdiction Unit, and the Pharmaceutical Investigations Unit, of the Montgomery County Police Department.  In this capacity, Witherington worked large-scale Federal Drug investigations with the DEA, FBI and ICE.  Detective Witherington also worked mid to low-level drug investigations. This task included blending in with one’s environment, as well as also being able to conceal oneself to avoid detection.  The investigator had to be able to utilize various investigative tools, such as GPS locators, body wires, hidden cameras, Federal Title III wiretaps, informants, Internet investigations and various Federal Databases, and a host of other tools.  

    Prior to working with the Special Investigations Division, Tactical Narcotics Unit (TNU), Witherington was assigned to the 1st District Special Assignment Team (SAT) from May 2007 until April 2009.  This is a plain-clothes team that attempts to blend in with the urban environment.  This team primarily does surveillance and surveillance missions.  The basic job of the SAT team is to blend in and watch citizens as they go about their daily activities, and watch the criminal element that are also watching the average citizen.  When a team member identifies a potential target, they set up a surveillance team around the area and wait for a crime to occur.  Once the target that we have identified actually commits a crime on a citizen, the detectives from that unit will break from surveillance mode and rush in to apprehend the target.  The target being none the wiser that he was under constant surveillance the entire time.  

      Prior to working with the 1st District Special Assignment Team, Witherington was assigned to the Police Community Action Team (PCAT) from December 2006 to May of 2007.  This is a county wide proactive enforcement team that goes into troubled crime ridden areas and initiates a high intensity enforcement effort, in an attempt to lower crime through enforcement action.  

    Prior to working on the PCAT Team, Witherington was assigned to the 3rd District station within the Montgomery County Police Department beginning in January of 2004, While assigned in the 3rd District Station, Witherington worked on a temporary assignment with the Proactive Criminal Enforcement Team (P.A.C.E. Team) from December 2005 until August 2006.  This is a District wide enforcement team.  It is basically the same type of team as the aforementioned PCAT team, but it is localized to the district that one is assigned.

    Witherington Joined the Montgomery County Police Department in July of 2003.

    Prior to being hired as a police officer with Montgomery County Department of Police, in January of 2003 Witherington was employed as a Police Academy Instructor with the City of Baltimore Police Department.  While working there, Witherington obtained a Certificate to instruct police officers from the Maryland Police Training Commission MPTC.  While working at the Baltimore City Police Academy, Witherington was a defensive tactics instructor as well as a general police studies instructor. The senior Instructor was a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief, who was the defensive tactics instructor for all of the US Navy SEAL Teams.  Witherington learned and perfected the skills that were taught to him, and passed those skills onto other police officers.   

    Prior to working with the Baltimore City Police Department, in 2001 Witherington became an International Police Officer contracted by the US Department of State and was assigned to the United Nations in the former Republic of Yugoslavia (Kosovo).  While in that mission, Witherington was part of a Counter Intelligence/ Counter Terrorism Task force, as well as a Central Protection Unit.  These units combined with the US Special Forces, as well as other United States Federal entities performed missions all over country.

    Prior to being an International Police Officer with the United Nations, Witherington was a Police Officer for the City of Mobile, Alabama Department of Police.  Witherington began the City of Mobile Police Academy in 1995.

    In December of 2000, Witherington earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Alabama with a focus of Criminal Justice, Psychology and Sociology.

    Prior to earning a College degree, Witherington joined the United States Army in December of 1988.  During his time in the US Army Witherington was stationed all over the world.  Witherington was deployed to the border of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, in response to Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait in 1991.  Witherington was one of the first units to be deployed and is a Veteran of the Persian Gulf War.  Witherington was in the Middle East Theater of Operations for all three Operation Tours; Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Desert Calm.  Witherington earned many awards and Medals for his actions during the War.