• Biographical Information

  • Jason M. Nicol

    Detective Jason M. Nicol is currently employed by Witherington and Brooks Investigative Services LLC., and holds a current Investigator and Security License through the State of Maryland.  While employed by Witherington and Brooks, Detective Nicol has been assigned numerous cases which include; executive protection, witness protection, cyber security, witness interviews, physical surveillance, GPS surveillance, counter surveillance/bug sweeps, aerial drone surveillance, as well as numerous other general investigations.

    Although Detective Nicol’s investigative background is immense, his forte is that of computers, cyber security and electronics.   Over the years, Nicol has become proficient with every Operating System that emerges.  He is proficient with Mac OSX and Windows, however, he is most experienced in mobile operating systems.  Nicol, became an expert in this field while employed with Verizon and AT&T.  It was there that Nicol became an SME (subject matter expert) with iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platforms. 

    Detective Nicol is also an expert in linking mobile devices to wireless and home networks, installing hardware components and creating, managing and securing wireless networks.  He has the experience and expertise to detect and clean viruses and spyware from databases while establishing an action plan on how clients should best proceed after a cyber-attack.  While in the military, Nicol was tasked with creating a military database, updating it and securing it for military use.  Based upon the nature and sensitivity of the information which Nicol was tasked to create, a security Clearance was required. Detective Nicol has taken many military INFOSEC (information security) courses and other Microsoft and OSX classes and is currently enrolled in other cyber security courses to continue to make him more versatile in an ever changing cyber security world. 

    Detective Nicol has attended rigorous training programs and obtained certifications in courses which include; wireless technology, computers, electrical components, home theater and home theater installation, parts, batteries, and accessories. Based upon his experience and zeal, Nicol has won numerous awards and obtained career promotions where he was able to obtain more in depth diagnostic training on electronics and electrical components.  Nicol was able to use this knowledge and training to assist him in building computers from several individual components.  He is also experienced with installing operating systems on hard drives and troubleshooting all computer issues.

    Prior to working with Witherington and Brooks, Nicol was employed by the Frederick County Emergency Communications Center.  It was during this time that Nicol was able to hone his interview and interrogation skills through emergency calls coming into 911.  Nicol had to be able to communicate quickly and effectively through the extreme stresses of actual emergencies and obtain information that could have life threatening implications. While with the emergency communications center, Detective Nicol specialized as a call taker for 2 years in which he would interview callers and gain as much information about whatever active emergency scene may be going on and relay that information to the appropriate dispatcher that was on duty while staying on the line with the caller and communicating lifesaving directions.

    Before working with Frederick County Emergency Communications Center, Detective Nicol enlisted in, and attended basic training for, the United States Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base.  Upon graduation of basic training, Nicol attended the United States Air Force Security Forces Apprentice School.  Nicol graduated from this school as a distinguished honor graduate and was assigned to the 167th Air Lift Wing in Martinsburg West Virginia. 

    While assigned to the 167th Air Lift Wing, Nicol was a team leader who supervised and conducted training with junior personnel for annual performance reviews. While assigned to that post, Nicol conducted security of United States Department of Defense assets, United States Air Force assets, as well as State and Federal assets.  Nicol further provided personnel security, life and property protection, crime prevention and law enforcement of state, local and federal laws.  In addition to the aforementioned, Nicol frequently participated in and directed Active Shooter Training which prepared his teams for all potential situations that might occur on or within the vicinity of the United States Air Force Base Installation.  Nicol further trained in Air Base ground defense, riot control for civil unrest, as well as aircraft fly away security.  He also qualified with and carried numerous firearms which included; the 9MM Beretta Handgun, the Remington 870 Riot Pump Shotgun, and the Colt M-4 carbine rifle.

    While working as a United States Air Force Security Forces Officer, Nicol was trained in numerous interview and interrogation techniques. He has experience interviewing clients, assessing issues, and formulating case management based upon those interviews.  He has been trained in various interview and interrogation techniques from his military police academy which have enabled him to objectively mediate issues between individuals during disagreements. Nicol has also interviewed witnesses and taken witness statements on many occasions.  Based upon his interview and interrogation skills, Nicol has been able to ascertain, on many actual investigative cases, what events actually transpired and was able to conclude his investigation with accuracy. This valuable skill was taught in the military and perfected while working as a detective with Witherington and Brooks. 

    Detective Nicol was offered the ability to cross train into a different career field within the United States Air Force as a military firefighter and was reassigned to the 111th Air Lift Wing. During his training and the duty assignment soon thereafter, Nicol was tasked with investigating the origins and causes of fires, conducting search and rescue operations, creating and operating an incident command system, as well as becoming a certified emergency medical care provider (CPR, EMT-B).  These responsibilities were in addition to all of the skills and responsibilities of being a certified fire fighter. 

    Additionally, while in the Air Force, Nicol was given the opportunity to attended an Airman Leadership school.  This school covers Combat Leadership, Military Professionalism, as well as the supervision of US Air Force Airmen. This school further teaches active listening and group dynamics, and building effective communications. Formal completion of this school allowed Nicol to supervise subordinates and write performance reviews.